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  • Identify what you want (readership & revenue)
  • Identify what you have (content - all sorts)
  • Determine what you need (audience access)
  • Develop the strategy & tactics to deliver an online solution consistent with your brand & preferences
  • Apply our proven platforms & solutions
  • Analyze activity, performance, & results
  • Adapt, innovate, overcome as experience dictates

Strategic Content Publishing

Our proprietary content platform enables article content to be searched and found, ranked and shared. On iTunes and Google Play people search and sample music singles. Similarly we enable search and sample of your article content while delivering new and relevant readers.


Verified Comments & Reviews

Almost everyone online today makes decisions impacted by reviews generally offered by 3rd party hosts. The only thing worse than people talking about you is people NOT talking about you. Our proprietary comment & review platform enables you to foster audience input, manage the conversation, encourage and expedite sharing into social media.


  • Your website limits your distribution by stifling the search potential of your content
  • Your reputation and brand is in the hands of others online
  • Full exposure of your current & archived content is limited by others ability to find you
  • Advertisers spend money where they believe their audience to be - and is that you?
  • Monetizing content comes from leveraging what people do online, what people share

  • Set your content free means enable your article content to find its audience, and more to the point, enable your audience to find and share your content
  • The more people that find your content will then find you and your magazine
  • Facilitating, fostering & managing reviews solidifies your brand and reputation
  • Content + reputation + audience growth = higher ranking, greater exposure

  • Expose your content, own your reputation, and reap the financial rewards
  • Our proprietary solutions deliver audience, reputation, and revenue


Online Magazine Marketing

Founded by Martin White in 2002, we have worked with hundreds of magazines across Canada to address challenges, identify opportunities, develop solutions, and implement internet based vehicles.

We have decades of experience in traditional magazine publishing and over 20 years in internet based publishing. There isn't a situation we haven't seen in the world of magazines nor a solution we couldn't devise and deliver.

Monetizing Content